Transparent flawless human being

Transparent TK
Transparent Brandiva 2014
Ha! You thought i wasn’t going to do this one? (x)
is it alright if i use one one of your edits on my blog? c:

It’s alright, if you want to give me some credit could be nice! But thanks for asking first! :)

♡ Transparent Mark smiling ♡
I know you need this one in transparent for your blog.
The Killers Transparent Stuff is 1 year already! :)

Happy birthday to this blog on his first year. I want to continue making transparent stuff of The Killers, But sometimes i need some insp. So, if you have certain picture you would like a transparent edit, let your request on my ASK BOX or HERE. Thank you, and i hope you enjoy this little blog! 
thank you! <3

You’re welcome! :)

could you recommend some good blogs who post some good edits of the killers? <3

I post some good stuff sometimes in my main blog 

I know there’s a lot of blogs who posts nice stuff, but these are my favorites: